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During a live Q&A on July 3rd, Josh Sigurdson was asked by a viewer how one defends their property rights in a voluntaryist society.
There's this notion that without government, one would not be able to defend their property, but the answer is clear, it's a little thing called individual demand. Each person is a product of their demand as a human being and if people encroach on your rights, one may defend those rights.
Would you pick the possibility that you would have to defend yourselves alongside your neighbors? Or would you rather the ensured encroachment on property rights by government? The answer is clear.
The viewer also asked about the potential that a mob would attempt to take your property. First of all, it's a strawman argument. Second of all, who is this mob and why would they want your property so much? Would they not need to answer to their errors later on? Wouldn't the free market non-aggressive approach be far safer and rational for them?
There will always be bad people, but there is absolutely no excuse to give government the ability to rule your lives and the lives of others. You do not have the right to enforce your ideas on other human beings just as they do not have the right to do the same to you. Voluntaryism allows for anyone of any ideology to develop their idea on the free market via the private contract rather than some social contract that you never consented to.
This video is meant as an educational approach to possible problems in a voluntaryist society which pales in comparison to problems in a statist society.

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GREAT post!

Everyone should know their 30 Human Rights https://www.ohchr.org/EN/UDHR/Documents/UDHR_Translations/eng.pdf

I talked about these Rights on the small stage at Anarchapulco 2017.

Wow, that was a very well worded answer for that question. It is indeed a common thought of many people as we all have been indoctrinated to fear being outside of the "protecting" hands of the government. As if everyone would show their ugly sides and turn into monsters like in The Walking Dead where not the zombies are the real enemy but other people. I love your final argument about the angry mob and what happened to create it in the first place.

This is a very important topic to discuss in a voluntaryist society, weapons help you in this cause! Also we have the question of what may happen to a piece of land that is far away from me, how could I protect it? We don't own land now, we are just renting it from the state thanks to tax slavery! I loved this video mate, this seems pretty cool! Fuck statism, anarcho capitalism is coming! The banksters fear you dude, I am glad of hearing fellow anarchists looking for freedom! The free market is cool... :D

NO VIDEO AGAIN ⁉️🤨 Is it because of this FA9865AD-67D6-4D19-AB46-0A1D17D47CC5.jpeg Do let us know if your compromised .