Complete Trip Recap + Cinematic Video + Photo Gallery // Backcountry Adventures in the North Cascades Wilderness

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Hi Friends!

Welcome to this EPIC post. I have been working on it all week and i'm excited to finally share it with you! Some of you may have seen the teaser I posted earlier this week about my recent backcountry trip. This video has about double the b-roll footage of this gorgeous lake, plus a 20 minute trip recap that me and my friend Shari filmed ON the lake, and a photo gallery below!

Video Recap - Live from the Lake!

We had quite the string of adventures during this trip and we have a lot of fun recounting all the details. Shari is a talented public speaker, but she had never gotten in front of a camera to talk like this. WOW, what a natural!! I love her energy on camera and I seriously think she could come on here and take Steemit by a storm if she wanted to! Maybe give her a little love in the comments? <3

Photos from the Trip!




















Thanks for Following Along on my Adventures!

@raised2b and I usually go on backcountry trips by ourselves, and so it was such a treat to have a couple friends come along! We are excited to hopefully do more trips together in the future!

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and photos. <3

XO, Lea


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Watch the whole video! Awesome job with the cinematic beginning! It sounds like this was a great adventure :) though when watching this I cant shake the feeling that in part II there is going to be a Blair witch style twist and we are going to find out that this footage was found YEARS LATER!!! I just know there is a scary story coming and that all the bear talk was clever. Foreshadowing....


Aww you watched the whole thing!! Isn’t my friend Shari awesome?? Haha I told her she needs to have more guest appearances on my channel. Hehe

And I hope this isn’t foreshadowing for a bear encounter!! Hahaha


Yes! We need Shari on Steemit right now! I can tell shes going to fit right in. Whats the hold up @shari!! I know you are reading this, get to it girl :) You will be glad you did !


Ps... I showed Shari this comment and she was SO happy!! Thanks for making her day! ♥️


hahah she is one of the most ambitious people I have ever met! Not only does she work full time - but she is the president of like 3 different organizations!

Some of those presidency terms will be ending in the next 6 months I think and she mentioned maybe checking this out more then. She really would do amazing!


She should sign up using that Steem Monster account creation thing!


oooh yeah! I was actually thinking that I would start channeling people through that when I have friends who want to sign up. Its kind of cool that @aggroed can be their main point of contact if anything ever goes wrong. Pretty cool to have that personal connection!

You may not have wanted to show it on film, but I'm sure you carved your name and/or Steemit on the bench or some trees... to be found years later when you're filthy rich and can bribe the park rangers with Steem Power.


hahha! That will be the day. We won't have to become besties with ranger Tony after all - i'll just show them my steemit account. lol

Killer photos :) loved them so much.


Aww thank you!! I’m really glad you enjoyed them. :)

Oh wow! Beautiful scenery lake photos , great food, good friends nothing could be better @coruscate ! I live in beautiful Kelowna British Columbia Canada and will be moving to the country this fall onto my small piece of property about an hour from here! I cant wait to be living up in the mountains again 10 miutes to the lake and great hunting area ! Thanks for sharing, I. love all this stuff especially those nice big juicy steaks lol!upped and resteemed👍👍👍😋💕💕💕


aww thank you for the re-steem!! That is so awesome of you!

Really cool that you live in Kelowna too! I love that area - it is so beautiful! I'm down in bellingham, WA - but most of my relatives live in BC (vancouver island, kamloops, and whiterock).

So exciting to hear about your upcoming move out to the country!! Nothing replaces being able to enjoy the peace and quite of nature. Cool that you'll be able to hunt up there too. What do you like to hunt for?


Thanks for your awesome reply! I have lived all over B.C Canada actually, lol! I used to love going to White Rock beach many years ago when I was in my early 20s and living in the Vancouver area! I dont actually hunt myself my boyfriend of 12 hears now does all that, I just love eating the meat and its usually Deer ! Mmm a great way to save a lot of money on groceries, I will also be putting in a big garden next year and doing more fishing, love it! We also have some chickens but I want more next spring, I cant wait ! 😀👍✌💕

Quick Question: Do you prefer DTube to Dlive!? I have not tried out DTube yet and I am not sure if my posts on DLive are better suited for DTube or not, what do you think!? Thanks!


Honestly - I enjoy using both, but they definitely have different vibes and communities. I feel like DLive is a little more fun loving and connected in terms of the community. Dtube has a cool community too - but for some reason it seems a bit more serious/maybe competitive? It's hard to put my finger on why. Honestly, I really love both - which is why I share on both platforms.

In terms of voting - the platforms seem to take different approaches. DLive gives out lower overall percentage votes - but to way more people. So basically, no one is really getting a HUGE upvote - but lots of people are getting a little boost on their posts.

Dtube tends to vote a smaller number of posts - but usually votes with a higher percentage vote. So getting the "Dtube vote" is more elusive.

You could try Dtube and see what you think! Just be aware that there is an additional 25% curation reward taken out that is distributed to the supporters of that post. If you have seen the transfers from the dtube.rewards account - that is what that is.

I probably have more I could say - but i'll stop there for now! :)


Oh wow thanks for all the info, I have not tried DTube yet. And when I first started here on DLive my first 2 postings @dlive gave me an upvote, so I thought it was cool, but I have not gotten one since, so I dont know what thats all about, maybe they just welcomed me for the first two then nothing lol! Perhaps theres ways to better attract the bot like the other sites!? I cant find any info on it !? Thanks again @coruscate your awesome!👍👍👍

Wow thats something awesome to watch...can you please follow and upvote

Awesome weekend trip! Sounds like you had a blast, well, except for the rain but fun looking nonetheless. Great photos too!

Wow, what a great adventure! Also, those steaks looks legitimate! Well done!