ADSactly Announcement - 20 SBD Weekly Freeroll on @SPL

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20 SBD Weekly Freeroll on @SPL

Dear Steemians, as you may know, @adsactly supports different projects which are connected to the Steem blockchain, being on the chain or off the chain. One project that we will support from now on is @spl with a weekly freeroll starting on Monday, the 14th of May, 23:00 UTC (18:00 CST).

Poker is a game that was developed in the USA sometime in the 19th century. It is a descendant of the Persian game As-Nas which has almost the same rules as poker without having the sequences or flushes. As-Nas has been forgotten as poker took over the world.

In the past 50 years, poker has become a global phenomenon due to the start of online games and the world series. For winning a tournament one has to have a good skillset of mathematics, psychology, and patience. Luck might be needed short term but if you play the game right, and by right I mean mathematical and psychological the statistical pattern will show a winning percentage. All dealt hands have a statistical winning chance. It is up to the player which choice he makes. Naturally, if you play a hand that has an 88% chance to win from the start on the long run you will see that you will have won more than 80% (depending on the choices) of the hands dealt with it. Also, a hand that has a 12% chance of winning shall not be played that often. Psychology is also important because you need to know how to read the other players and to act accordingly.

@spl is the account for the Steem Poker League. What is the Steem Poker League? It is a Steem Project which has been started by @tuck-fheman, one of the Steem veterans. He built up the site lucksacks, where the games are hosted. It is tied to the Steem blockchain, so you need to have an account on Steem to be able to play on lucksacks.

The site has grown in less than one year to over 1000 accounts, 1010 at the time of writing. This is from the over 10000 applications received. All applications are thoroughly reviewed by the @spl team. This is why @spl has managed to keep a high quality level. To be able to play one must to have a certain reputation on Steem platforms and also has to have a verified account with an introduction post. This is a common sense requirement so that @spl is kept clean and the community shall thrive.

The list of the daily tournaments appear on the page, so that the users can plan in which to take part. The screenshot shows the tournaments for the 13th of May.

The project is not built for profit, but rather for establishing a community of players who are active on Steem platforms. Also, no one can deposit money on it because it is not a gambling site where people can lose money. This is very important and this is why @adsactly supports it. It is not a platform where you can get ripped off. You can earn SBD which you can use for different tournaments, but you can't deposit. You can build up a bankroll only by playing freerolls like the one @adsactly is sponsoring.

To access the tournament, first, go to the lobby where you can see the tournaments section. Set to arrange it by the time of the tournament and then you will have to scroll down till you find the @adsactly tournament.

Registration is open 90 minutes before the start of the tournament. The structure can be read on the tournament info section. The tournament is a No Limit Hold'em type of play, open for 180 players with a minimum 18 players needed for registration. The blinds increase every 10 minutes with a 7 minutes break after every 5 blind increases. Each player has 30 seconds for each turn with a time bank of 60 seconds for longer thinking choices. At each table there are 9 players.

We hope to see you on the 14th of May 23:00 UTC on lucksacks playing the @adsactly freeroll.
Also a big thanks to the @spl team for opening and managing this community.

Authored by: @alexvan

All images in the article belong to lucksacks, @spl and @tuck-fheman

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Awesome @adsactly thank you for offing the 20 sbd and sharing with our community! This post gives a lot of people incentive to act!

Friend @adsactly I have to admit that I really liked this project, especially because I love playing poker. How nice to be able to work and learn in the STEEM community, and also to share in it, enjoying several games in the STEEM blockchain.

When I first started reading the post, I thought it was a casino project, where we had to deposit SBD or Steem to be able to play and gamble, but I realized that this is not the case. There are simply prizes for the winners. I loved it, because we can all play, not just the ones with good income in Steemit. We can all have a good time playing there :)

Honestly, poker is one of my favorite games. I actually play it with my friends most of the time. Since here in Venezuela the money is so devalued, we use 1Bsf coins as chips to bet.... Here's a picture for you:


Well, buddy, I'll go to the Lucksacks page and send in the application. I don't want to miss the tournaments

Thank you for sharing the project. Greetings from Venezuela! :)


Let's see if it is approved this time. If not, we will have it weekly.


Let's hope so, @alexvan

First of all I want to say that it is an EXCELLENT IDEA, every day I realize that you are a crack in the field.

Now if, regarding this, I want to say that the poqer is one of my favorite games, in fact I always play with my friends in the house, in fact one of them showed me this incredible community and also showed me your post, from there I follow you, I admit that we play with 1Bsf coins, right brother? @emmanuel250998.

I admit that at first I was very disappointed, I thought I had to deposit steem or SBD to play, if so I could not because I am still new to the platform and do not have very good income, but I hope to continue improving and become like your hahahaha, But then when I finished reading I realized that it's not like that, you can just enter, have fun and win, and believe me I love the idea, because it's a perfect combination, poker for me is a passion, in fact I dream of playing some day a world championship or something like that hahahaha.

I will go experiment with this magnificent project, thank you for showing it to me, Greetings from Venezuela friend!! @adsactly

May I dare to propose another great community/
project on the steem blockchain?
Namely the @sbcbot! We are trying to set up a steem sports betting community. The idea behind it to encourage sports bettors to come to the Steem platform and to keep them motivated to post about it and the interact with other member of the community.
We are now a month old and trying to get some exposure.
You can read our mission statement on:

You can find us on the pages of @beat-the-bookies, @costanze, @fullcoverbetting, @acelad or @stimp1024!
Our discord channel is:

Also feel free to participate in our big World Cup Contest! You can find this one here :

Sorry to bother you with this, but we do find it important that as many as possible niches are represented on the Steem Blockchain. The more niches which are present, the more people who will feel at home and stick around!

Great things you guys are doing with all the project you are supporting!

Awesome! I wish I had to the time to play poker!

This is great to see! Thanks for supporting the SPL! I will check out and would like to play a tournament sometime soon! Thanks for the post! Resteem

That's a really good idea, i think it would be a nice update on steemit. Regular players would really appreciate it.

These freerolls are great, thanks for sharing.

Excellent project sir.It will help all the new steemans. Steemit is the best community and persons like you are reason behind it.Keep it up sir.

Thanks for the info: if I'll awake, I'll take a look this night. :)

I thinks is missing a "k" before "now" in the phrase "as you may now"... isn't it, @adsactly?

Have a nice day!
A big hug from @amico! ;)

Thanks for your support. Everyone who plays regularly really appreciates it. I will do my best to upvote your posts and encourage everyone in the league to do the same.


Thank you, I've seen you yesterday in one game. Hope to see you later on in this one.

Great post, thanks for supporting Poker on the Steem Blockchain! And for reminding me to go register for your free roll!!! See you at the tables!


Hope to see you at the tables. Happy grinding!

Thanks for your support @alexvan, your support for this project will be beneficial for both the steem it community and SPL for certain!!! I play in the league, and speaking for myself I appreciate your support on this project!!! I will watch for your future posts and do my best to upvote them all!!!

I will hopefully see you at the tables, and thanks for sponsoring the upcoming event too!!


Thank you, see you at the tables. You can support this by giving @adsactly-witness a witness vote.

éxitos pero que no se haga vicio todo por lo sano es bueno, pero en exceso ya sabes.. saludos

successes but do not become vice all for the sake of it is good, but in excess you already know ..


of course, all with moderation. Is all about fun and the community.

Thanks for hosting! We appreciate it! Looking forward to playing.


See you soon. Hope to donk you also :D


Hahaha, bring it :-)

This can be a meeting place for all active steemit platform users, so they can share it together ..

Very good post @adsactly, you are very creative, I am very salute with you, I see you are very smart in creating projects for steemit. Poker is all a really cool game, and poker is already familiar with the world, and very many people play poker, I used to play poker games, but now I do not play anymore, because now I prefer to steemit.

I have never heard from before about protek @spl, this is a new science for me, and this project is very good, I support this project, because this project can make us more familiar to people in steemit through community. And I will try to understand first about this @spl project and how to play Freeroll. Thank you for sharing this very helpful information, and I will always support all your projects, because they are very useful to all of us. Hope you have a wonderful day... :)

Your are well known every person.i alwys see your post .Your post helpful and friendly .I alwys see your post and resteemit done..

Wow, this is very cool, a very good project, and very helpful to all the Steemit, with this Freeroll project, we can all progress in the work in Steemit, I am sure everyone will support this project, and I will support Freeroll , according to the understanding of the content of your article, this game is almost the same as poker, but the game is more open, and there is no element for fraud. It's really cool, I like it. Thanks @adsactly

Wow excellent your project .I always support to your project and resteemit done

Really didn't know much about Poker but this post enlightened me.
It's a good thing you're supporting @spl on their project.

Wow that's very good work I really inspired to your work.. @adsactly

Playing games was not common in my family. So I also never met people who did. I know poker only by the name. I never thought those who play it are great at maths as well...

I just learnt this today @adsactly💖💯

For winning a tournament one has to have a good skillset of mathematics, psychology, and patience.

Really didn't know much about Poker but this post enlightened me.
It's a good thing you're supporting @spl on their project.
Thumbs up the the mind being the project @tuck-fheman🤗

Hey @adsactly , check out my latest post i wrote to help new users understand the community , you can curate if you like the content and you can resteem if u feel like it worth it......

Wow amazing project, thanks for sharing @adsactly

I didn't know about poker. Thanks for sharing

This is a very noble project and it is very supportive of the steminial. An honor can be a part of this project, the extraordinary thing that has been done, @adsactly in creating change, the development that occurred in the 21st century shows an important step for us to create the imagination new in many ways is no exception in the current steemit a very useful thing that has been done by this steem veteran shows loyalty to us all to membagun a great power forward

Hopefully we become the winners later

Success always accompanies @adsactly

#Adsactly!! A community that supports other communities to grow!

That's great and congratulations to @SPL

such a great idea... it will helpful for us who is new at steemit....thanks for sharing...

upvote mejor post te sigosigue asi colocando post

Wow, this is great although I don't know much about pokers game let alone understanding this project but I subject myself to learning . This is because I'm new on steemit and yet to know much about it . Thanks @alexvan

Unfortunately I don't know how to play poker but nonetheless I think this is a welcome project. But I really want to see something that would aid the growth of minnows

This is good information for all poker players,
Surely they will welcome this project ..

Great post

Now this a fantastic information for poker. I really like the work who's done by adsactly..

Denicem ve uygulucam

Looks like a nice project! I didnt know about it before :( Thank you for sharing it and keep up the good work!

I do my first post. But was not introductory. Can i be able to join?

No man is an island of it all, read carefully and would really appreciate you for putting this up, though it's my very first time hearing about the game, am joining the discord channel now,hope it's gonna be great

Thanks for hosting! =)


What exactly do i have to do to get a upvote from adsactly

Need to understand poker..

Great post. Keep up the good work @adsactly

You project is good for building a nice community.I guess people will love and enjoy the game being in touch with each other.

Congratulations @adsactly!
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Awesome surprise @ Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan Thank you for sharing 20 words and sharing with our community! This post encourages a lot of people to work!!