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Adventures in Dusseldorf

My first time setting foot in Germany was in the dead of winter. The cold dark winter. Empty, sad! Okay, I got dramatic there for a minute but you get what I mean.

I could not feel my face or fingers. This was my first time to experience winter and snow. Somehow, I had always assumed that everyone was exaggerating when they talked about how cold it was.

Growing up near a hill, it was always misty and the nights were cold. I come from Kenya which is near the equator, so you can imagine that it was not that cold as compared to where I was at that moment.

Germany, on the other hand, was freezing. As I waited for a taxi at Dusseldorf airport, I started shivering. My taxi driver could not speak English and I could only speak two words in German so we did not talk to each other the whole way. Bear in mind that I love talking to taxi and Uber drivers. I come up with the strangest small talk.

This time, I decided to mind my own business and take in the views. He was listening to some German music on his radio. I had no choice but to look outside my car window. The once green trees were now black stems. Like skeletons standing in winter. We drove for miles and got to my destination.

Photo taken on a sunnier day

Sleeping on a Ship on the Rhine River

I was staying at the Oscar Wilde Hotel Schiff, a hotel on a ship. The ship had 88 cabins. However, the taxi driver hurriedly gave me a receipt and left me on the snow to hull my overpacked suitcase to the ship. I was so tired from the flight, layovers and now this!

Someone saw my struggle and helped me and I got to the now warm hotel. “I really need gloves”, I thought to myself. My fingers were now numb. As soon as I got to the room, I opened a tap and warm water trickled on them, making me warm again.

It was amazing to look out the window and see the Rhine River. The other facilities included a fitness centre and 2 restaurants. There was the breakfast restaurant and another one for fine dining. A few days later, I took myself to dinner and they served a delicious and juicy steak.

The beautiful restaurant

I do not unpack when I get to a hotel. I know. It is strange. Most people hang their clothes in the closet but I just put everything on the suitcase. This makes everything so easy. I made myself some tea and called a friend who had offered to show me around Dusseldorf as soon as I arrived.

There is something about arriving at a new destination. You get a sense that it is a new beginning for you. Whether you will be there for a day or for weeks, the excitement is palpable.

My phone rang and my friend, Lena was alerting me that she would be one hour late. That gave me time to freshen up and sneak in a 30-minute power nap. Afterwards, I was feeling refreshed and ready to experience more of this city.

The Longest Bar in the World

When you travel solo, it is always refreshing to see someone you know/ are acquainted with. We met up with Lena and a 20-minute taxi ride later, we were in the city. She somehow knew that I would need gloves and gave me a pair.

I had mentioned that I wanted to try some German beer and so we went to “The Longest Bar in the world”. This is a famous place in Altstadt and it has so many bars all in one street. It has over 300 bars and nightclubs. The bars are located on the Ratinger Straße. The most common beer served here is the Altbier or Alt for short. Alt means old in German.

This was the beginning

The menu

There are many bars that extend to outside seating areas. We went to the Zum Uerige bar. People were busy watching football at the screens mounted above or talking while sipping on their brew. Some beers were served n beer mugs and others in long glasses. The dimly lit bar was so crowded I was surprised we got a place to sit.

For me, this was fascinating because I love to see how people enjoy their drink from all over the world. Afterwards, we went to dinner.

I loved Dusseldorf and can’t wait to return. What else can you suggest for me to try?

Authored by @jeanwandimi

Photography by @jeanwandimi

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I live very close to Düsseldorf. There are some great places in that city. People who enjoy to go out partying like to go there. Also, fans of everything asia always find some good reason to make a stop in the city.


I enjoyed this place, since I am planning to move to Germany. What else is there to do in Dusseldorf since I was there for a short time.


Plenty of of opportunities for drinking and dancing as far as I know. Some of my friends would be better at guiding you through these because I usually do not frequent these kinds of establishments.

That aside, there are some decent sports close to the Rhein river where people like to spend their time during spring and summer, those are always worth a visit.

It shows a lot from the pictures you shared with us up here, it was really a great journey though you had a language barrier with the taxi driver that took you down to the big ship that you said the same ship had 2 big restaurant, I bet, it is a lot massive ship.

It's just too cool that you later found someone that assisted you with your luggage, I couldn't figure out how well will that luggage be that got someone to have noticed that. Lena, really did well too, but of truth, if it where to be me I wouldn't want to go out again because of the constraints of much cold.

well, I guess you should try out Russia this time at the finals of the World Cup.


I really loved the place and now I know a bit of the language. I took the challenge as a motivation for me to learn the language. Yes, I found someone who helped me out. I was so happy.


It's good you have the idea.

Hmm I can imagine your plights. I'm african too and I know how hot it can be. My friend just got a study visa to Germany and I'm preparing him for what lies ahead. Since I'm an alcohol person I find the longest bar in the world quite fascinating. I think now I want to visit Germany too. Enjoy your stay @adsactly


I can imagine your friend is excited. I am currently looking for a job in Germany after doing this trip. I had so much fun . Do you live in Germany? Which country are you from? We should definitely connect.

wow nice place

Dusseldorf is beautiful and marvelous place in Germany i wish i visit in my life it's my dream


Yes it is. It is such a nice city.

Beautiful landscape, @adsactly. I can imagine how cold you must have felt. Thank God you found friends who gave you gloves and a comforting hotel to stay in. The beers look delicious. Health


Yes when travelling it is such a joy to come across a helping hand. Thanks.


Wow!! looks like a great place (but too cold too) , Pictures are really nice,
I can recommend one more country i,e Thailand . I have just covered in my recent post and will be covering a lot more , Do check it out :)


Ah. I would love to go to Thailand. Checking you out.

It is really fascinating and trilling. I have been longing to make such tour and I hope I will do that some time in the future. Germany could be my destination.

Am glad you had fabulous experience.


Yes. I hope you get to go. I am also looking forward to going back soon.


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What beautiful place of nature that's really Cold die... i guess you was freeze in Germany lol but you a lot enjoy beautiful have a good day..

if you don't mind Please then UpVote my articles.. Thank You!!


I had such a great time.

Beautiful Palace.

Beautiful pics, visit germany it's my dream


It is such a great place.

You're right. This place is really good.I also hope you can pay attention to me and vote for me.

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Ah Dusseldorf, one of favourite cities in germany. Great little Irish pub there called Mclaughlins around the corner from the key brewery. Think the stop was Heinze Alles if I am not mistaken . Your post brings back memories. Used to live in the neighbouring city of Essen . When nothing was happening in Essen we went to the dorf!.