My Actifit Report Card: July 10 2018

in actifit •  5 months ago

I'm having a great time using my phone to count my steps every day. Today was a new record for me.My new goal is 15,000 steps.

@tbnfl4sun tracked today a total of 12872 steps via Actifit Fitness Tracker.
This involved performing activity related to Walking

I had a long day at work today and the Actifit app agrees with me! 12872 steps for the day and I could wave racked up more but I figured a little increase at a time is better than overdoing it.

I got this higher score by going for a walk after lunch and going the long way whenever I had the chance.I hope it does not rain tomorrow so I can mow the lawn and see how many more steps I can do.

I would like to give the Actifit team a big thumbs up for all the improvements they are doing to this app, It keeps getting better every day.

Thank's for reading my post and have a great day!

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That’s a lot of steps, great job!


Thank's,it was a busy day!

Hi tbnfl. I saw a post regarding the sweatcoin the other day. Have a look it's an app but pays you out in coins for walking etc.


I will take a look,thanks!

Congrats! You just reached the top level milestone via using Actifit fitness tracker and provided Proof of Activity!
You accordingly gained 100 Actifit tokens for attaining 12872 steps!
You also received an 31.10% upvote via @actifit account.

Have a nice day

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