Actifit - Last Week in a nutshell: Stats, Community Earnings, & Development Plans

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Howdie fitness enthusiasts !!

We just had an amazing kick off of our blooming Actifit - The project rewarding fitness activity. The community has been pretty responsive, our discord channel is growing, and our Android playstore listing already has more than 100 downloads for the app. We are definitely Looking for way more than that as the project grows further
While it hasn't been a week yet, but at the start of a new week, we wanted to give some stats about the project, how is the contribution count, but also to ensure our delegators, moderators, and actifit-ers know how many tokens they are earning.

Posts and Earnings

As of yesterday's voting session, we had a total of 60 successful submissions over the last 4 days which received ACTIFIT tokens and relevant Steem upvote.
Out of those, 39 submissions reached at least 10,000 step count! Our community is taking steps to success (pun intended lol)
Each of the top 39 submission received a matching ACTIFIT token value of 100 tokens. Lesser contributions received ACTIFIT tokens according to the below:

Step CountACTIFIT Token Reward

Every post that received a reward has a comment with the reward value. A script to automate the calculation of all these rewards is a work-in-progress, so that they are publicly accessible to everyone. Plan is to have it ready by this week or early next week.

Delegator Earnings

Day after day we are receiving more delegations which are growing the SP of the main @actifit account.
The account stands now at 1,580 SP.
We would like to thank again our delegators who are helping our account SP grow, while also stocking up on ACTIFIT tokens, and of course who will be receiving a share of the 5% beneficiary award once that is collected and ready for distribution from contributor posts.
Delegation report is accurate as of EOD 07/01/2018:

DelegatorAmountDaily ACTIFIT Token RewardDelegation StartDaysAccumulated ACTIFIT Tokens
@phelimint250 SP2502018-07-01, 05:471250
@tbnfl4sun50 SP502018-06-30, 14:45150
@dr-frankenstein50 SP502018-06-30, 02:413150
@jznsamuel100 SP1002018-06-29, 01:453300
@taskmaster4450250 SP2502018-06-28, 21:593750
@alfamano30 SP302018-06-28, 08:344120
@abh12345250 SP2502018-06-28, 00:2841,000
@rabihfarhat100 SP1002018-06-28, 00:104400
@mcfarhat500 SPOPTED OUT2018-06-27, 19:264OPTED OUT

Moderator Earnings

We would also like to thank our moderators for the efforts they are assisting with, on discord, steemit, social media, everywhere !
As part of their help, we are presenting them with awards for last week's work:

ModeratorAccumulated ACTIFIT Tokens

Upvoters/Resteemers Earnings

Actifit post Upvoters/resteemers are also accumulating token rewards, with 1 ACTIFIT token per upvote/resteem. The detailed report and values are also still underway as the calculation is too cumbersome and requires an automated script, the same script we mentioned at the top of this report.

We will soon also provide a front end (later as part of, whereby all users will be able to view their current earnings across all different contributions to the actifit community (delegators, actifiters, upvoters, resteemers, and moderators)

Social Media

We created our social media presence last week thanks to @alfamano. We are now present on:

Development Updates

The community sent us a lot of requests for updates, improvements, and we listened to each and every one of those.
We are already working on different aspects to improve the experience, but also build our project to increase the benefit it provides to the community. Some of the updates undergoing include:

  • Improvements to step count and the sensor experience, which will allow manual adjustment and switching between device sensors
  • Bug fixes to issues including Successful post notification, fix for resetting step count (both fixed and ready for push)
  • Clearing post information after submission (already implemented and will be released on next update)
  • Adding a forget credentials (user and posting key) for removing user account info off the device
  • Ability to upload images via mobile app
  • Storing and tracking age, weight, measurements and progress
  • iOS version
  • Calories, distance, GPS, and time tracking
  • Automated upvote script
  • Automated ACTIFIT token distribution calculator and interface for total token earnings.
    and much more...

Haven't downloaded Actifit yet? download it from the playstore now, and start your journey to fitness and rewards!
Thank you!
@actifit team
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Is there a time that is best to post the results from the application?

Two of the four days that I walked and posted did not get recognized. Yesterday, I did over 10K steps and it was not recognized. Does the application automatically reward the steps even if a post is not upvoted?


Hey @gattino
Thank you for reaching out. Did you post your step count via the app to steemit? If you got to at least 5000 steps your post would be rewarded.
Please chat to us on discord for more details


Thank you for notifying us, they will both receive rewards in around 30 mins on our next voting cycle.

Cool,adding pictures to the post is a big plus!

@actifit is it waterproof ? or cardio sensor?


Actifit is a mobile App, not a device, it runs on your Android phone, you just need to download it for free and you're good to go

This is pretty fricken awesome, I definitely want to get in on this app and start recieving tokens as soon as possible.. I think tokenization for exercise could really get a lot of new people excited about running and we really need things like this.. after i download the app i just share my results on steemit and then i get rewarded with tokens?? Where is the wallet for these tokens?? Is there another post that explains a bit more?


You will get tokens only to download the application, make the steps and then posting on Steemit. Minim for rewards are 5000 steps. We do not have the interface yet for tokens, but it's in working and we will be able to see how many tokens we have in the wallet very soon. @ionutciobanu(@actifitmoderator)

My 20,000+ steps haven't been upvoted yet