Actifit Daily #11: Top 5 Actifiters + 7K SP

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Howdie fitness enthusiasts !

This daily post represents a compilation of the top actifiters for the preceding day/voting cycle, as well as updates on our account and delegations !


Top 5 Actifiters:

Yesterday we had a total of 30 posts with successful proof of activity, 20 among them with 100% activity level. Well done guys !

Our top scorer with the most activity count for yesterday was @fedesox with an outstanding 33,347 count!
He was followed by @d-gold with a score of 20,535.
Well done everyone !

Below is the list of the top 5 actifiters:

RankActifit MemberActivity CountACTIFITs Rewarded@actifit UpvotePost Link
#1@fedesox33,347100 Tokens42.01%post
#2@d-gold20,535100 Tokens42.01%post
#3@amosbastian20,367100 Tokens42.01%post
#4@shashiprabha17,421100 Tokens42.01%post
#5@beautifulfield15,960100 Tokens42.01%post

Our Delegators

Officially our SP has jumped above 7,000 SP :)
After yesterday's official announcement of version 0.2 and several other updates announcement link here, we received lots of love, support, and additional 8 separate SP delegations of around 2K SP, with one delegation from @michelios holding 1,000 SP.
A big thank you to all of you for this additional support and all of our amazing delegators and supporters!

Accordingly, @actifit account now is at 7,080 SP :)

Of course we are always on the lookout for more delegations to be able to better support our project and award actifiters.
Keep in mind that delegators earn daily Actifit tokens with a 1:1 match to their delegated SP, as well as a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts. So if you delegate 500 SP, you earn daily 500 Actifit tokens.

To delegate, you can use any of the following links below
10SP, 20SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP, 10000SP, 50000SP, 100000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

Below is our current delegator list with their daily earning report:

DelegatorDelegated SPDaily ACTIFIT Token Reward
@mcfarhat500 SP- (Opted Out)
@rabihfarhat100 SP100 Tokens
@abh12345250 SP250 Tokens
@alfamano30 SP30 Tokens
@taskmaster4450500 SP500 Tokens
@dr-frankenstein100 SP100 Tokens
@jznsamuel100 SP100 Tokens
@tbnfl4sun50 SP50 Tokens
@phelimint250 SP250 Tokens
@gattino100 SP100 Tokens
@buckydurddle400 SP400 Tokens
@seareader1150 SP150 Tokens
@travelling-two100 SP100 Tokens
@preparedwombat100 SP100 Tokens
@stevelivingston100 SP100 Tokens
@niallon11100 SP100 Tokens
@flauwy250 SP250 Tokens
@simplymike50 SP50 Tokens
@kennyskitchen250 SP250 Tokens
@nataboo100 SP100 Tokens
@ecoinstant50 SP50 Tokens
@assasin50 SP50 Tokens
@favcau250 SP250 Tokens
@fedesox1,000 SP1,000 Tokens
@flemingfarm10 SP10 Tokens
@faraicelebr850 SP50 Tokens
@arunava100 SP100 Tokens
@funworlding30 SP30 Tokens
@buckydurddle400 SP400 Tokens
@mikefromtheuk10 SP10 Tokens
@dylanhobalart50 SP50 Tokens
@michelios1,000 SP1,000 Tokens
@devrajsinghrawat20 SP20 Tokens
@syedumair250 SP250 Tokens
@neworleans387.3 SP387.3 Tokens
@eastmael50 SP50 Tokens
@tangerinetravels49.6 SP49.6 Tokens

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@actifit team
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Good job guys! Glad to see you growing by the day, it’s extremely fun to use the app, I just keep it running in my pocket till the end of the day 😊


Thank you @fedesox, glad to hear :)

gracias por compartir esta excelente toda esta informacion y aporta muchos conocimientos

I just delegated 100SP! I am so excited to see where this all goes! Health is way to underrated these days and I really hope this App motivates more people to get more active.
thanks again


Thank you @moderndayhippie ! :)
we are certainly see this happening as of now, wait till it goes mainstream :)


Im so excited for that! I think this could be a really big hit in the future, Im already hooked. 😎

A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. Actifit is already moving in the right direction.

Kudos to the entire team!!


Thank you our moderator :)

good your post

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I am so sure that we are going to a better place and very soon we are going to be the best in steemit blog chain.great job sir @mcfarhart


Thank you our newest moderator :)

LOve this idea once the IOS app is rolled out I will be joining


Thank you, we will announce it once ready :)


@mcfarhat Excellent I have a couple of tracking app would be great to have one tied in to SMT’s :)

@actifitThe destination tries to motivate man,
The curtain curtain is removed from the eyes,
Do not be afraid of anything, my friend,
Stroke is hard to walk to man.।।।