Achain (ACT): Pattern & Waves Show This is Only a Start of the Up Sequence

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Achain (ACT/BTC) started as a crash down in a corrective mode and has since its genesis in late February, remained in a correction. ACT is yet another example of NOT entering a pre-ICO and just simply waiting for the ICO crash and then pick them up at basement bargain recently.

The ABC corrective wave sequence was placed and price recently also broke out of a symmetrical triangle.

The rounded bottom pattern is uncanny and price has obviously completed the left wall and basin; so the right wall build is well underway.

Elliott Waves show that the the five wave motive should continue generating higher highs; though with minor corrections on the way.

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This was NOT this coin's ICO! It has been listed at kucoin since mid/late December! There is at least another month of price data to consider. Thanks!

Without the upvote from @ranchorelaxo (which Haejin owns) this post has thus far earned $4.97 which if it stays like that, would be a much more realistic valuation.

Thank you as usual for providing such useful information.

im newbie here but more intrest.
sorry for unawareness comment.

Great details about achain! In my own opinion The details shows it will be successful. Your ICO posts are always so well explained