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5 days agoReceived 0.001 STEEM from zaxanHello Ned, How are you? I'm from Venezuela founder of @elarca (the ark) project, a hispanic curation, education and community for the hispanic artist. For almost a year we have done a thorough job of supporting the Hispanic artist community and the growth of the community has been great. However, we would like to have the support to continue growing. If you are able to support the Hispanic community, we will gladly appreciate it.
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6 days agoReceived 0.003 STEEM from crypto.piotrDear @ned, I just uploaded my new post about goals, targets and resolutions and I would love you to share your view on that particular topic with me. Hope you don't mind this little memo. I would really love to "hear from you". Yours, Piotr // LINK:
10 days agoReceived 0.001 STEEM from zaxanHello ned how are you? I don't know if this possibility exists but I like to try things. I have a curation and artistic promotion project for the Hispanic community that is almost 1 year old called the ark (el arca). If it's possible for you to read and maybe support us in some way it would be great. Really thank!
12 days agoReceived 0.001 STEEM from fshzzl
12 days agoReceived 0.101 STEEM from emrebeylerHello @ned! I am a STEEM witness almost one year and I saw that you have free slots for your witness votes. You can visit my witness profile website: and learn about how I add value to the STEEM blockchain. That being said, I would be happy if you consider casting a witness for me. (Here is a quick link to vote for my witness:
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15 days agoTransfer 1.000 STEEM to nedMoving / hiding all my cryptocurrency.
15 days agoTransfer 1543650.408 STEEM to bittrex0b422698a383407a88b
17 days agoReceived 0.002 STEEM from crypto.piotrGood morning @ned. Allow me to continue in 2019 with my little program of supporting quality content created by members of our little community here on Steemit. I will share no more than one link a week (to avoid spamming your wallet with memos). This time my friend started interesting discussion about mass adoption of STEEM. And I would love to hear your opinion on that issue. Yours, Piotr // LINK:
17 days agoReceived 0.001 STEEM from kontoraNeblio (NEBL)
18 days agoReceived 0.001 STEEM from difelice5000I would like to introduce you to the red-d5k Project, an initiative focused on promoting all the teaching contents that are carried out in Steemit, in order to promote free knowledge generating rewards in Steem. If possible you could support us by delegating SP for this cause to the @red-d5k account, you could withdraw it whenever you want, but if you can delegate, it would help us to start with this initiative. Thank you and excuse the boldness. Our website:
26 days agoReceived 0.001 STEEM from isacoinRequesting STEEM POWER Delegation Deal to Fight SCAMS on STEEM, Any Help Would Be Appreciated.
27 days agoReceived 0.002 STEEM from crypto.piotrDear @ned , This is my last publication in year 2018. Together with few Steemit friends we decided to use our influence and organize our first own support venture called "Santa Venezuela". We all hope that this project will be succesful and I would like to ask about your support // I hope you don't mind this memo. If you do then please let me know and I will remove you from my contact list. // Yours, Piotr. LINK:
27 days agoReceived 0.002 SBD from dobro88888888Christmas is a season of great joy: a time for remembering the past and hoping for the future. May the glorious message of peace and love fill you with joy during this wonderful season.
last monthReceived 1.000 STEEM from friendly-fenixHappy holidays, thanks for keeping this crazy pirate ship up and running! /FF
last monthReceived 0.001 STEEM from isacoinWould you care if a Paid Upvote Bot with 1.5 million STEEM POWER was running a copy/paste Farm?
last monthReceived 0.001 SBD from elsteemoSo you cash out couple hundred thousand in steem and everyone here else loses their investment? Sounds like a pyramid scam
last monthReceived 0.001 SBD from voteyouWell this sucks ass!
last monthReceived 0.001 STEEM from oliverschmid
last monthReceived 0.001 STEEM from anrojaHi @ned... Sorry, I wrongly sent my SBD as much as 133,990. I should transfer to my account address @anroja from brittex, but I transfer it to you (@steemit). I beg you to transfer it back to your account @anroja. I sent it on 12 November 2018. I have also sent an email to [email protected] a week ago with the email address [email protected] (Jalaluddin Anroja) Please help from you to return my SBD. Thank you.
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